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Faith, Hope & Charity

At the Tower

Touring Soon, Contact for Bookings

I have been sent to the Tower!  This year the Tower of London have asked me to be their featured artist for this year.


I have produced a new installation combining me works on faith, hope and charity.  The portraits are all mixed media on canvas and form a 6m  long x 3m high x 2m wide installation.  


‘Faith, Hope & Charity at the Tower’ is a large art installation depicting 20 individuals of different religions, belief system, nationality, immigration and those who have either benefited from or supported charity. Each person contributes to our society in their own way or where they can.


The exhibition aims to show that no matter where someone is from, what their background is or what they believe in that we are all just people with more in common than not. Each portrait is accompanied by an interview with the subject filmed by the University of Gloucestershire where they give their stories. These will be displayed in 3 large screens built into the installation. Russell Haines art is big, bold and impactful using a mixture of oil portraits, mixed media collage and impactful messages. The installation is 6m long, 3m wide and 2m tall. The portraits include individuals with unique stories and includes art historian and TV presenter Dr Janina Ramirez.    


“Russell’s got the makings of a truly great artist and this piece will set him on that path. It is beautiful in both its intention and execution and I’m honoured to be involved.”
Dr Janina Ramirez February 2019

The Tower of London approached Russell Haines to exhibit in the Tower after his work impressed last year in his London solo exhibition. The ‘Faith’ exhibition used art to challenge people’s conceptions of faith and provide a forum for discussion. 


“In the current political climate, we need to show that migration has always taken place and is nothing to be frightened of. Essentially all of us are immigrants, it is just that some have been in one place longer than others. Multiculturalism, which of course is not without its problems, ultimately enriches society. Erecting walls physically or metaphorically ultimately harms society and narrows our world view.  I am simply trying to show through the people I paint a positive view of people of mixed cultural backgrounds who all call the UK their home"  
Russell Haines February 2019.


Watch the films here:

FH&C Video
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